Commit to an Organic Lifestyle with help from these simple steps!



I am from the south and when I think of what that means, a few things come to mind. FOOD! FIELDS! FELLOWSHIP! The food is to die for in the south. That’s just my opinion! There is just one problem.  With all the fields surrounding us you would think we would have easy access to good quality ORGANIC products to live an organic lifestyle. Unfortunately I don’t believe many farmers (or other civilians) around here are educated in the health issues that their final products create. (Some just don’t believe that the chemicals they use are killing us! ) On top of not being educated, the cost to farm solely organic is of greater cost.  Some years they are doing good just to pay the bills without having the additional costs of converting to organic crops.

Fellowship! It’s seems like about every weekend and some week nights there is a get together at church, a family member or friends house or restaurant. When you are in the minority of committing to an organic lifestyle this creates a challenge when almost no one is on the same page as you.  I’ve attempted the Organic life bandwagon for almost 8 years now.  I’m not going to lie.  It’s hard to stay on it this day in time. I have been looked at like I was crazy, told I was stupid and that there is no such thing as organic! I’ve listed below steps I think are important to try to stay committed to an organic lifestyle.



  1.  Come to terms that this will not happen over night! It could take years to run a fully organic household. I am still working on it!
  2. Keep in mind you almost have to allow yourself cheat days.  Especially if you eat out or get together with family or friends often. Don’t beat yourself up about it!
  3. Choose the most important thing to you to begin your transition. Mine is definitely food. Once you have mastered your chosen category move on to something else.
  4. Research! This will give you that passion to continue your goal of living organically. The truth about what chemicals do to our bodies will scare you!
  5. Many complain about the higher cost of purchasing organic products. You can cut costs by buying produce in season, buying organic locally if possible, growing your own foods, and  making your own organic products in bulk.

*My favorite stores to purchase organic products are Sams, Target, and Publix. (Target and Publix both seem to really cater to the organic lifestyle)





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