Organic Products you can now buy at Sam’s Club


We have recently started attempting one trip a month to Sam’s Club to do a large portion of our organic shopping and other items in bulk.  We stopped going to Sam’s Club a few years back. (Not exactly sure why!) When we were previously going, I don’t recall ever seeing many Organic products. It’s a much different story now. We can now do a great deal of our organic shopping there. We spent about $350.00 and came out with enough to last us a majority of the month.  Many of the items we purchased were in fact organic.

We purchased the Sam’s Club plus membership this go around for $100.00. You can get a membership here.  This membership comes with many benefits and reward points. Membership fees are due annually.  Once that time rolls around again you can actually use your rewards points toward your membership fee for the next year. If you shop frequently at Sams then it should be pretty easy to have a very small amount due or none at all for the next years membership fee.

They have many more organic products than I will have listed below (I’m sure products vary by location) but these are a few of the items that I purchased this trip or have in the past. I did not get a picture of everything we bought.

0811161912 (1)                                                    0811161914 (1)

Organic Lemonade                                                        Organic soybeans

0811161917                                                   0811161925

Organic frozen strawberries                                       Organic Silk

0811161927 (1)                                                   0811161927a

Organic Eggs                                                                   Organic Horizon Milk

0811161928a                                                     0811161929a

Organic Carrotts                                                              Organic Bananas

0811161932                                                       0811161937 (1)

Organic Kale                                                                       Organic Cereal

0811161938                                                       0811161942

Organic snack bars                                                          Annies Organic Macaroni

0811161943                                                         0811161944

Organic Soup                                                                        Organic Flour

0811161949                                                      0811161950

Organic Cheese puffs                                                      Organic granola bites

0811161951                                                       0811161956

Organic popcorn                                                                                Organic Clif Bars

Organic protein shakes







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