Why I Love The Honest Co.

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Why do I love the Honest Co.? Let’s look beyond the fact that they have the cutest diapers ever!  They have products anywhere from diapers and wipes to formula, vitamins, shampoo and baby gear. All of their products are naturally derived or organic.  (Obviously I strive for the Organic products!) There are not many of their products that I have not tried and I have never been disappointed! It is a great feeling knowing that you are using the best products out there to keep your kids healthy and safe. After all it is your duty as a parent to do this!


The best way to go is to join the Honest Co. and to take advantage of their bundles.  Its cheaper and more convenient this way!  At any time you can delay the shipment of your next bundle or change  the products they send you in your bundle.  They have made this such an easy process on their webpage. If you want to try out their products before you fully commit then you can go to the webpage and ask for samples or purchase their products at Target individually.


The Honest Co. has made it their vision to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, minimize waste and maximize the reuse.  They design to maximize the use of plants and minimize the use of petroleum.  They are still striving to become 100% plant-based.  They do not hide that their products are still not exactly where they would like them to be. They continue to evaluate and tweak their products in order to create a more organic product.


I do in fact feel that the Honest Co. is honest.  I encourage you to visit them at http://www.honest.com .  You can look at their principles and find other important information here.









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